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From Sun & Moon to Earth & Stars - A Journey Through Space​,​Time & Sacred Place

The album, From Sun & Moon to Earth & Stars, embraces the world's diverse cultures and musical styles, ranging from classical to ethnic, from electronic to jazz, describing a journey which stretches from the furthest reaches of space to the innermost depths of the human soul.


The Sun's Calendar

This album of solo piano music provides an interpretation of the illustrated book of poetry, The Sun's Calendar, which describes Man and Nature's procession through the cycle of the months and seasons. For each section of the twelve-month cycle, there is an accompanying piano composition, with thirty-three pieces in all. The book and music use the Sun's annual journey as a means to express the odyssey of the human soul through its cycles of birth, joy, sorrow, love, death and rebirth. 



The Three Circles - A Tale of the Mysteries

Our human journey starts in darkness, from the nurturing cavern of the mother’s womb to the prison of ignorance in the instinctual body. In time, each of us must commit to the Quest of the Soul, and its threefold ascent into the Light of Inspiration and Higher Wisdom. All things in the Cosmos follow the same Threefold Model, which may be expressed as: III. Mind/Body/Harmonization, II. Soul/Matter/Receptivity, 
I. Spirit/Energy/Generation.​


Elemental Dreams_cover.jpg

Elemental Dreams

Elemental Dreams was conceived as a musical journey through distant time, foreign place, and sacred space. The album features the piano and symphonic arrangements of Daniel Gautier. The music encompasses a range of styles and sound textures, from the lyrical to percussive, from the soft and intimate to the macrocosmically grand. This album serves as a testament to those limitless, fundamental forces found in nature, and in our own innermost natures.


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