The Logos Lectures: The Quest for the Ideal in Western Art, Philosophy, Literature and Religion

Lecture I. Cosmologos, Tetragrammaton & the Logos/Word (As Unifying Cosmic Principle) 

The Symbolic, Kabbalistic & Mystic Keys to Universal Understanding

(12 BC to 5 CE) 

Part 1            Part 2           Part 3          Part 4          Part 5 

The Grail of the Sun

Memoirs of a Hermetic Mystic

Containing the recollections of Daniel Gautier in the context of Hermetic/Platonic philosophy, Jungian psychology & the Initiatory/Mystic Quest from the Cosmologos Institute - A School of Idealist Philosophy, Spirituality and Hermetic Wisdom

Part 1          Part 2         Part 3        Part 4        Part 5        Part 6       Part 7

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